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Advisory Service Consulting

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“Chris has an incredible amount of experience matched with fantastic facilitator skills. A true expert about all things marketing with a unique and engaging coaching style.”

—Norma Flores-Romero, Indeed


I want to make my expertise available to ambitious entrepreneurs and startups that have a killer solution, but face the challenge that most advice comes with great costs. I believe that making our expertise and advice affordable enables you to get the insights needed to take action to move forward and grow your company.  


Why CA Advisory Service?

  • On-demand direct access: expertise, research and insights when needed. 

  • Actionable advice: the interactions are designed to provide "hands on" advice to help you make the right decisions about specific questions.

  • Sounding board to make the best decisions: Benefit from brainstorming sessions, getting a third-party perspective and learning about the best practices in your market.


What does the Advisory Service offering include?

  • Expert Inquiries: inquiries are one hour sessions designed to discuss a specific question and to get the objective opinion on any issues you are facing. The offering includes a total of 6 inquiries per 6 month contract. Each inquiry includes one hour of consulting and one hour of review/research time.

  • Content Review: reviews allow you to get a third-party opinion on your marketing material, your business presentation or other content and documents. The content review service can be used as part of your inquiry allowance for documents.

  • Ongoing Discussions: once per month, Chris will check in with you to discuss your business and marketing, and help identify upcoming hurdles to your progress. These discussions help focus the business and keep you ahead of the game. 


Talk to Chris about go-to-market strategies, challenges with specific targets, customer acquisition  tactics/engagement, branding, digital marketing, general business strategies and any other topics that demand your attention. Every month, he will be there to answer your questions, review options and provide feedback. If you want ongoing, high-level expert guidance, this is your solution.

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