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“Chris quickly formulated and delivered a strategy that tightened the connection between sales and marketing, resulting in more conversions and revenue. He helped us differentiate and bring real thought leadership we needed to cut through a crowded market.”

—Jason Denzin, Actian

Outwit, Outmaneuver &
Outsell Your Competition

As a marketer, your task is to understand the "job" the customer wants to get done, and show how your brand better fills that need. Through extensive research and experience, we have developed M3 Marketing Methodology to harness and leverage your best customers' Motivations, Moments and Methods. Using these insights, we are able to create holistic programs that redefine what's possible for your marketing team and drive acquisition of more high-value customers away from the competition.

Based on the science of buyer behavior and proven with leading brands, this process provides a map of how, where and what your customers need from you to purchase. It then becomes your digital blueprint for the moments that matter. Far better than any journey map or traditional tactics, this process dramatically improves both sales and marketing results as well as makes your internal teams and external agencies far more effective.   

How it works

Every engagement starts with interviewing your highest value customers. During this brief but critical phase, we identify:

  • The Motivations that cause your customers to "hire" you or your product to get their "job" done or what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance. This includes understanding the real drivers of their purchase (not what they say in surveys). Also, we get them to reveal exactly what they uniquely value from your brand as well as from your competitors.​

  • The Moments in the sales cycle that are critical to the purchase. This shows where our clients should be spending their valuable marketing and sales resources.

  • The Methods and content for sales and marketing to use to drive results. 

We put these findings together with a comprehensive competitive map that shows the specific positioning, messages, brand story, content and assets needed to transform your approach and results. With this deep view of high-value customers and the market, we train everyone how to best use these insights to outwit, outmaneuver and outsell the competition.  

Integrated Execution
That Drives Transformational Results


It all starts with helping you understand your customers in ways you never thought possible



With new insights, we develop a custom program to connect and attract the most valuable customers 


Marketing, content, social, digital and communications brought together to engage your customers in the moments that matter


Marketing has to help sales sell and that's why we make sure everyone is trained and able to use everything we do to drive business


Never stop learning, evaluating and asking, "What if?" That's how Chris is able to come up with ideas others only wish they had

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